This policy will take effect from 01.01.2023.

Merchants may be charged for the use of certain Crypto Art services. This Fees and Charges Policy explains your fees and taxes and how to pay them.

This policy is part of our Terms of Use. By setting up shop on the Crypto Art, you agree to this policy and our Terms of Use.

  1. Types of fees

Merchants may be required to pay the following types of fees. Please note that all fees are inclusive of value added tax (VAT) or similar taxes that may apply. Please refer to the Taxes section for more information. It is important to note that all fees for services, including prepayment, are non-refundable.

Listing fees

From 01/01/2023, the cost of placing a listing on Crypto Art is free.

Transaction costs

When you make a sale through the Crypto Art, you will be charged a flat fee, which includes transaction fee and payment processing fee. As of 01.01.2023 the flat fee will be 18%, for Trusted Sellers it will be 15%.

You can read more about Trusted Merchants here .

Advertising and promotional fees

Crypto Art offers several services to help you advertise your listing and promote your shop, including Crypto Art Ads.

If you use the Crypto Art Ads (external social media and search engine advertising), you choose the maximum daily budget, as described in more detail in the instructions .

Pay for ADS Crypto Art advertising

If you purchase paid advertising on the ADS Crypto Art, you can set a budget to limit the amount you are willing to pay to promote your ads or shops. Your daily maximum budget can be set at or above a pre-defined minimum, and you will not be charged more than your maximum budget on a daily basis. All bids are made in euros (EUR). The advertising fee includes transaction service of 5.5% and may also include a fee for setting up and running an advertising campaign.

  1. Evasion of payment

Any action by a merchant to evade paying commission is considered commission evasion and is strictly prohibited by the Crypto Art. This includes, for example, encouraging customers to buy an item from your Crypto Art through another location. A transaction initiated on the Crypto Art cannot be completed outside the Crypto Art. The price stated in the description of each advertisement must be an accurate representation of the sale. Sellers may not change the price of an item after sale to avoid Crypto Art transaction fees, misrepresent the location of the item, or use another user’s account without permission.

  1. Payment of Crypto Art fees

The Crypto Art will automatically deduct any fees due from your billing account. If you have sufficient funds in your billing account, no further payment action is required. If there are insufficient funds in your billing account, you will be responsible for payment of any due fees in full within 15 days of ordering, otherwise the account will be deemed delinquent and the Crypto Art may charge your card or take other collection actions.

If you make a sale when you have an outstanding balance, the net amount of the sale will be applied to your outstanding balance. You can pay the outstanding balance manually by credit card, debit card or PayPal.

The Crypto Art may suspend your selling privileges at any time until the outstanding balance has been paid.

  1. Payments from Buyers

The Crypto Art allows sellers to accept various forms of payment in euros when using the services of the Crypto Art. Sellers registered on the Crypto Art accept payments from buyers using major credit or debit cards accepted by the Crypto Art, via PayPal (where available), Apple Pay, Google Pay and via Klarna (where available). You can read more about payment systems here .

  1. Taxes

In addition to the limited circumstances set out below, you are responsible for the collection and payment of any taxes associated with the use and implementation of sales through the Crypto Art services.

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, please note that while some countries may refer to VAT using other terms such as Goods and Services Tax (“GST”) or Harmonised Sales Tax (“HST”), we will simply refer to VAT, GST. , HST and any local sales taxes together as “VAT” unless the context requires otherwise.

Placing your goods on the Crypto Art

In accordance with the current tax legislation of the Kingdom of Spain, the Crypto Art will calculate, collect and remit sales tax on your behalf for orders placed through the Crypto Art.

If the Crypto Art is required to collect sales tax/VAT on your behalf, the Crypto Art will use the category assigned by you to each listing to calculate, collect and remit the applicable taxes. You are solely responsible for ensuring that all your listings are correctly categorised and you agree to indemnify Crypto Art for any losses it suffers due to any misclassification of your listings by you.

Remember that Crypto Art fees do not include any withholding taxes that may apply in your country. You must pay Crypto Art the full amount of our fees and may not deduct any applicable withholding taxes from that amount.

In certain jurisdictions, if required to comply with applicable laws, the Crypto Art may withhold taxes on payments made to you or on your sales made through the Crypto Art.

  1. Other government duties, fees and charges

Some jurisdictions may require the Crypto Art to collect other fees (e.g. environmental levies) from buyers and remit these amounts to the relevant government authorities. If the Crypto Art is required by law to collect such amounts, these will be charged to buyers at checkout.

  1. Crypto Art vendor reports

Where required by law, the Crypto Art will report your personal data and details of your transactions to the relevant government authorities.

The Crypto Art will not disclose personal information to third parties unless required by law.