Our NITI Club is expanding globally and creating incredible things. We want to do all we can to support start-ups, innovation and the growth of our vendors. However, sometimes the different ways we use our intellectual property can create confusion about what is permitted, controlled or even created by us. We want you to be properly respected for your hard work. We are so proud of our projects and the company we have built and the respect we have earned, so we have developed this policy to give you confidence that you can create and share information about our projects in the right way.

This policy is part of our Terms of Use. By using any of our services, you agree to this policy and our Terms of Use. For issues relating to intellectual property not owned by us, please refer to our Intellectual Property Policy .

  1. Our Designations

Marks are words, logos, graphics, designs and other indicators that identify our designs as the source of a product or service. For example, the official logos of our marketplaces DailyDoll Shop, Crealandia and Crypto ART are some of our most important assets. We want you to be proud of your role in our projects and try to offer you the best quality. Ensuring the protection of our trademarks, brand identity and reputation is also our responsibility. We value your choice of our brand and want to maintain its strength and importance. We want you to feel part of our family and to respect our history.

  1. use of trademarks

If you mention us, please spell our project names correctly: “DailyDoll Shop” (DDS), “Crealandia” (CR), “Crypto ART” (CR-A).

You are free to share the URL of your shop.

You can share your purchases on our Marketplaces.

Please do not use our trademarks in ways that are misleading, defamatory, illegal, used as part of a violation of our policies, or otherwise undesirable to us.

We do not permit the use of our official logos, for example on promotional products, business cards or banners, usually considered commercial use and may be confusing. We do not permit such use of our marks without prior written permission.

We do not permit the use of our official logos on merchandise without our prior permission.

We do not allow our trademarks (or similar marks) to be used, in whole or in part, in a way that indicates an improper relationship with our company – for example, that you are a representative or trusted employee, speaking on our behalf or approved by us. For example, we do not allow our trademarks to be used as part of your shop or company name, nor do we allow you to register, own or use a domain name containing our trademark names.

We do not allow our trademarks to be used in your company name, organisation, domain name or trademark.

We do not allow our trademarks to be changed, distorted or modified, including adding other terms to our trademarks to create new words.

We do not allow our trademarks to be used as a social media username or photograph.

We do not allow the creation of content that mimics or uses the look and feel of our website.

You may use your shop URL on your business cards, personal websites, blogs, and social media accounts.

We’re thrilled when members of our community come together and host incredibly successful vendor events or use marketing opportunities to promote their shops, such as search engine marketing (SEM) such as Google Ads. We are also grateful to those of you who create useful content or run workshops to support the success of our other members. However, as these are usually commercial uses, we have to be careful about how our trademarks are used.


If you create content about our projects, such as books, videos or podcasts, feel free to reference the names of our projects to describe how it relates to us. You may use the names of our trademarks in the title of your content as long as any of our Marks are not the most prominent part of the name or title. By ‘most prominent’ we mean things like using our trademarks as the first word in the title or in terms of size, colour or font. We would like your branding and hard work to stand out and be the most visible.

You can also use a disclaimer such as: “AAA” is a trademark “Name of our trademark”. This content was not created and is not approved by ‘Name of our trademark’.”.

The same happens when you create your own community event. You can use our trademarks name when naming your event as long as it is not the most prominent part of the event name or promotional materials.

The same happens when you promote your shop. Specifically, if you buy keywords, place ads on search engines or buy digital advertising for your shop, you agree to act in accordance with the Ad Platform Terms, including Google Ads , Microsoft Advertising, Facebook and other search and social media policies when you advertise to attract traffic to the Marketplaces. Your advertisements must not give the impression that you are officially sponsored by or affiliated with our trademarks.