The Referral program is an opportunity to generate additional income by referring new customers and sellers.

Anyone can become a member of our Referral program.

If you are a blogger with a large audience, we are ready to offer particularly favorable terms of cooperation, which can be negotiated individually with the manager.

A blogger can promote a shop on social networks by offering a personal link through which his followers and viewers can make purchases and registrations, while marketplaces may monitor sales from a particular partner. With the right target audience, an affiliate can generate a tangible income.

If you are a Seller with a shop, you can also sign up for an affiliate program and receive extra payments for your own sales or for the sales of goods in other shops, from those buyers that you bring in through your affiliate link.

If you are a user, you can bring buyers to all products in the Marketplace, as well as to individual products/stores by forming referral links.

How does this work for Buyers?

  1. Register and create a referral link
  2. Share the link with your potential customers
  3. Buyer registers and makes their purchase
  4. You earn your income.

How income is calculated:

Level 1 – 0.5% of sales until the sales amount of €9,999.99 is reached,

2 level – 0,7% of sales from 10 000 € up to 49 999,99 €,

3 level – 1 % of sales from 50 000,00 euro.

For example, if your referral link in the month customers have bought for 12000 euros, we consider 12000 * 0.7% = 84 euros, and if your referral link bought for 60,000 euros in a month, you have earned 600 euros.

How does it work for the sellers?

  1. Register and create a referral link.
  2. Share your link with potential Sellers
  3. Seller registers, goes through the verification process and posts items.
  4. You get your income

How income is calculated – 1 euro for each referred seller.

For example, using your link for a month registered 78 sellers, so at the end of the month you can get 78 euros.

The Referral program is paid once a month on the tenth of each month (calculation for the previous month).

You can read the rules for the Referral program here

By participating in the Referral program you agree and accept the terms and conditions.